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Saturday, February 05, 2005
  things i've learned as a mother #1
one of the first things i learned as a mother is that stuff is important. keep in mind that before i became a mother 3/4s of my worldly possessions were in a small storage building in memphis. the other quater fit somewhat neatly in my mitsibushi eclipse and travelled from memphis to boston to tucson back to boston and then finally to austin. post baby i needed a large u-haul. there are things that i accuired from the attendents of my baby shower that i still haven't found very useful but below is a list of things that i wouldn't want to live without.

the hands free, back saving, sling*:

*you can find similar models for less money at target.

Ocean Wonders Aquarium:

the punkin won't go to sleep without it.

the lil' people farm:

minimal noise factor and hours of entertainment. granted it's interupted hours but parents take what parents can get.

the lil' people ark:

no noise...other than pieces being banged together. endless entertainment. punkin doesn't travel without mr. noah and one of the zebras.

there will be more to follow. this post has been interupted by an emergency trip to hell...also read walmart.

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