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Sunday, February 20, 2005
  house keeping
if you notice that things look a little odd or out of place, have no fear. i'm working on a few things that are beyond my limited capabilities with the help of my super-hero techy friend james. it'll all be sorted out and back to normal with some added improvements very soon.
Friday, February 18, 2005
  As promised...Tech Support part I
this past week i've spent countless hours on the phone with "tech supporters" of several of the big IT companies. it all started when i inserted the installation disk to the nifty-cool, sleek & stylish, super-fast printer my mom purchased. (it's not the first time i've installed software/hardware nor am i an idiot. i have references to verify the last part of that statement.) everything was running along smoothly until i had to plug in the USB cord that connects the printer to the computer. ERROR-REQUIRED ACTION WAS NOT FOUND IN THE INF. Much to my grandmother's dismay, i chose medicine over computer technology. translation: i have no clue what an INF is or why a so-called "required" action would be missing from it. never the less i know a few tricks of the trade. uninstall software, unplug device, restart and re-install software. ERROR-REQUIRED ACTION WAS NOT FOUND IN THE INF. (shit.) repeat last trick. ERROR...dammit. hmmm...wonder if i click the continue to installation w/o plugging in device button...install runs for countless hours before finally confirming completion. (damn, i'm good.) restart computer. plug in printer. new hardware found. (we're cooking with grease now.) complete installation?...click. (OH for the LOVE OF HUMANITY!!!) ERROR-REQUIRED ACTION WAS...well, you know. (time for a smoke break.) uninstall software. leave printer plugged in. restart. re-install. yeah, that didn't work either. consulted a few techy friends that i've acquired over the years. still i have a very large and cumbersome paper weight designed to look like a printer. a few choice words are mumbled as i reach for the phone and dial the dreaded number. i shove the voice in my head into the "lost artifacts" corner. although severely muffled by geometric theorems and names i use to be able to match with faces, the warning cries of past tech support disasters can still be heard.

to be cont'd....

**please don't bother leaving me serious advice on how to fix the above problem as i've already sorted it out and my printer functions as an actual printer instead of a paper weight.
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
it started out as just a vision in my head. but once i got to playing with it, i couldn't let it go. for those of use that use firefox/mozilla the desired effect is a bit askew. my limited coding abilities weren't enough to make the header image line up with the background image properly. i'll work on it...maybe. until then just imagine the header's shifted left 40px or so and up 4px. i'm sure some of you are wondering what's with me and the feet. especially those of you that were around for the little black blog. all i can say is i chose the pictures based on aesthetics and not b/c they involved feet. i think this one might hang around for a while but then you just never know. however, there will be NO CLOWNS. end of story.
Monday, February 14, 2005
  i'm not in the mood to make up a title
there are things i know about myself. i'm smart, talented, a hard worker (when it suits me), and a good listener (also when it suits me.) i also know i don't take compliments well. i have over time learned to smile and say thanks instead of arguing the point or countering with one of my many flaws. but if one were to look closely, behind the smile, they might catch the sadness in the recesses of my eyes. sadness that is left from the ghosts of my past. ghosts that still haunt me...creeping from the shadows of my mind to pick at the scabs of my tattered soul.

i can't remember what compelled me to write the above passage. i can't even say for sure what night it was that i scribbled those words into my blog post journal. i have some vague recollection of writing it and thinking that i would finish it the next morning. as you can see that didn't quite happen and now i have no clue where i was headed. i decided to post it anyway b/c well...i needed something to do and most of the blogs i read on a regular basis were left unattended today.

as for my night at the seedy redneck bar, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. in fact compared to the other nights i've been out and about in this town, it was rather enjoyable. i might even go again at somepoint but don't hold me to that.
Saturday, February 12, 2005
  returning to normal
the blahs have vanished for the most part. now if that pile of laundry would do the same. i'm venturing out tonight to see my sister's father's band play. i have reservations about the local...seedy redneck bars aren't exactly my thing. it should be an adventure if nothing else.
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