watermelon memories
Friday, February 04, 2005
  add-ons galore
free time is certainly not at a premium these days. so today i killed a couple of hours searching for blog add-ons. i've added a nifty new site/stat counter and a slightly frustrating google search bar. i say frustrating b/c it claimed i would have the option to search my site as opposed to the entire WWW. it might be my browser, user error, or maybe i'm just not google searchable. i'm more inclined to think they lied. whatever the case maybe, google now has a spot on my page if for no other reason than i use it quite frequently. i'm toying with a few other add-ons but i don't want to go overboard. there's nothing worse to me than a cluttered site. well maybe pants that ride up or underwear that slide down but other than that.... now go google something like monkeys with mullets, fried spinach with strawberry syrup, or intelligent phrases from george w. bush. i wouldn't expect many hits on that last suggestion but just GOOGLE damn it.
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