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Sunday, January 02, 2005
  what to do what to do...?
it's amazing the things you come across when you start cleaning. for example this past week while i was sifting through boxes i've had stored at my mom's house for ages, i came across a box of bank statements and other pieces of mail that belong to the crazy-stalker guy that i was once engaged to. my first thought was to toss it into the discard pile without a second thought, until my damn conscience kicked in. i started thinking about all the identity theft that goes on these days and how his social security number and signature were in those envelopes. while i don't particularly care for this guy to say the least, i still wouldn't want him sent into identity fraud hell b/c i threw out his 10 y/o bank statements.

so now i'm at a loss as what i should do with them. do i return them to him at his place of employment since i'm in there rather frequently picking up stuff for dinner? do i mail them to his home and risk causing a kerfluffle between him and the misses? do i take the time and energy and shred them myself or toss them out as is and let whatever happens happen? i have a feeling they'll end up packed back up to taunt me years from now when i stumble across them in another cleaning spree.
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