watermelon memories
Thursday, January 20, 2005
  let the protesting begin
as i was having lunch with the maternal unit today, we couldn't help but notice the crowds gathered round the television in the corner. ok so it wasn't really a crowd...more like three or four people. i'm not sure what you'd call that. an intimate gathering? whatever. on with the story...they were glued to the live telecast of the presidential inauguration or rather the protestors that lined the streets. now i think it's great that they got out on such a cold miserable day in washington DC to let they're opions be known. but isn't it a bit late? i mean really. do they think that bush will see a sign that says "their blood is on your hands!! bring our troops home." and think "damn...you know what? they're right. activate project carrier pigeon and get those boys back stateside." wouldn't it have made more sense to protest the entire last two years of his previous term with the goal of swaying more of the voters? it makes more sense to me that way but what do i know?
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