watermelon memories
Friday, January 14, 2005
  in the midnight hours
i've written posts on my bouts with insomnia before. this one is for those that think it's internet related. i will readily admit that i've that on more than a few nights i've stayed up later than planned to play a game of literati (yahoo's version of scrabble) or to continue a conversation i wasn't quite ready to have end. however, having said that, i can now firmly and categorically deny that my insomnia is due to my inability to pry my arse from the front side of a square box filled with microchips, silicone, and processors.

this is day five or six of my internet accessless life and who do you think has dropped in for a cup of tea? why, yes, it IS my dear old friend insomnia. i came to bed around midnight and here it is creeping ever so closely towards the daylight hours. after an hour of tossing and turning, i considered the options that lay before me: admit defeat and embrace my sleeplessness or try and give my antibedfellow the slip. so here i sit begrudgingly embracing my insomnia as it was not to be deceived by my turning and tossing approach. Oh! for the days when a good ole switcharoo worked.

what do i plan to do with the time i've found on my hands? i'm going to read up on some medical information and when i've had all the symptoms, causes, and cures i can stand, i'm going to search for rutabaga recipes. i've never eaten a rutabaga nor do i plan to anytime soon. however, on the offhand chance i'm ever stuck somewhere and the fridge is barren save a 1/2 pint of not quite out of date cream and a sack of rutabagas, i plan on those being the best tasting rutabagas this side of the mississippi.

toddles for now as i have other pressing engagements. oh yes, i almost forgot. for those that are interested i burned the CSX's (formally known as the crazy stalker exboyfriend) bank statements.

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