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Thursday, October 21, 2004
  oh ye of little faith
immediately after my last post i had a conversation with the sister. somewhere i've gone wrong in my guidance of the young girl. i can only hope the damage isn't permanent.

are conversation via instant message...

me: the sox won again last night. now, it's off to the world series.

sister: that's great

sister: who did they play

me: the yankees

sister: just checking

sister: and you're dumb..baseball jesus.

me: do not mock the baseball jesus

sister: there aint no baseball jesus

me: there is too dammit

sister: haha

sister: do you have any proof

sister: hrm

sister: hmm

sister: hmmmmm

me: kiss my arse it's FAITH

sister: lol

*sigh* the youth today.
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