watermelon memories
Thursday, October 28, 2004
i'm still in shock as i'm sure most red sox fans are. not only did they win the series they fuckin' swept it. sadly, i missed the game...i won't bore you with the details of how i missed the most important game of the century. that's not really important anyway. what is important is the sox finally followed through with all the promise and in turn made up for the many heartbreaks and upsets that we as fans have endured over the years. what i wouldn't have give to have been down at the local in Q-town drinking beers with the gang tonight. hell, i might have even had a high-life or two.

more tomorrow when hopefully my brain can think of something to say other than "THE SOX WON!!! THE SOX WON!!! THE SOX WON!!!" until i run out of text space.
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