watermelon memories
Monday, October 18, 2004
  bliss comes in many colors
last night it was red. red as in the red sox. i too have been sucked by the mystique that captures all boston fans. it's painful at times. excruciating even. alas it seems to be my lot in life...to pray to the baseball jesus. on the edge of my seat in anticipation and hope only to watch the sox trip over their own bats and fall with a resounding thud back into the curse of the babe.

last night however i was reminded of why i return year after year to the alter of the baseball jesus. i turned on the game as the sox took the plate with a tied score of 4 to 4 against the yankees. i sat fixed to the screen waiting for the trip and fall but instead Ortiz knocked one over the wall. victory...can it be true? as the players rushed the field it hit me...the sox had pulled it off. a celebration dance for the sox and the almighty baseball jesus ensued with much gyrating, arm flailing, and leaps of joy. quite a sight to behold i'm sure. rock on sox.
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