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Sunday, September 12, 2004
  Obesity is on the rise
...and no wonder. kids are being served funnel cakes for breakfast (yes, i did say funnel cakes.) in some schools. WTF is that about? at the schools i attended the cafeteria meals were decent for institutional food...nothing spectacular but decent. they even went so far as to represent EACH of the four food groups (there are still just four, right? well, there's that fifth one they try to throw in off and on.) at each meal. what food group does deep fried sugar fall into again? oh, yes. i see. it doesn't.

when questioned as to the nutritional appropriateness of funnel cake all the over-starched suit representing the un-named school had to say was,"yes. we serve funnel cake for breakfast. what's wrong with that? it's on the federally approved list." eh? federally approved funnel cake? who approved this list? quadruple bypass clinton??? or the same moron that signed off on pop tarts???
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