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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
  estranged bed fellows
for the past three weeks i've been entertaining a house guest. usually i limit house guests to 3 to 7 days depending on how far they traveled to see me. my current house guest isn't picking up the not so subtle hints i've dropped that it's welcome has been greatly over stayed. such is the way of insomnia i suppose.

i've suffered with insomnia since i was in my early teens. although until recently it only dropped in for a night or two. i've never been subjected to it's company for this long...not ever. maybe all the crazy hours i kept at work for all those years is finally catching up with me. maybe it's that i'm not working at the moment. what ever it is i'm tired of not being tired when i should be. sunrises are great but i prefer to see them after a few hours of sleep. not when i'm just getting ready for a few hours of sleep.

not so long ago my lack of sleep wouldn't have been such a burden. however, now i have a son to take care of and a move that is long overdue. the hours i've been keeping lately is greatly effecting both of these things. i don't have the energy to spend enough time with punkin as i'd like. thankfully my mom has been more than willing to pick up where i can't. i don't have the energy to pack much less drive 16 hours.

i called to schedule an appointment with my doctor this week only to be told that he was out for the rest of the week and the first appointment was tuesday the 5th. my mom had an appointment with him today...i guess the receptionist didn't think my lack of sleep was that big of a deal. i hope she gets a yeast infection.

i picked up an OTC sleep aide last night. i remembered why i don't take those this afternoon. while i was fast asleep by 11:30 last night, i still didn't wake up til after one today. i don't feel any different than i have the past 3 weeks. i'll take it again tonight and see if tomorrow's any better.
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