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Sunday, September 12, 2004
  betty crocker and the bundys
i've been awash in a sea of domesticity lately. perfect pie crusts, pink floweredy curtains, and meals worthy of the magic skillet are much nicer than dealing with the insanity that has engulfed this house. shocking for some of you i know but i was once domesticated.

my family has never been what you would call functional. however in the past few day's they've put the d-y-s in dysfunction. i'm not sure if it's the alignment of the planets or the drop in the barometric pressure but something has caused the familial tensions to rise exponentially. the paternal unit is mad at the maternal unit and vice versa. both units are mad at the youngest sibling. suffice it to say the youngest sibling is mad at the world...she's 12. i can't catch a break from the hostility. even punkin has been wearing his cranky pants more than usual.

i think tomorrow i'll brew up a pot of starbucks expresso roast, grab what's left of my fresh pear and cranberry tart and lock myself in my room with my audrey hepburn collection. a double shot of breakfast at tiffany's, roman holiday, and sabrina just might knock the irritation at all the useless and wasted anger right out of me. depending on what pants punkin decides to wear tomorrow, i might let him in too.
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