watermelon memories
Saturday, August 21, 2004
  yes...yes...i know
as a matter of fact i did read my last post. what's the deal??? well it's still under construction. don't worry this hideous look will be short lived. i promise the out come will be worth the trauma your eyes are enduring now (assuming i don't get this finished before anyone other than my favorite techie sees it).


consider yourself lucky. i managed to dispose of most of the hideousness that was present earlier. it's still not quite where i would like it to be but the colors aren't playing nice. if only i were colorblind....

update part deux:

well isn't that a fine how do you do. somewhere between the preview and actually viewing my blog some things vanished. (yes, i did save the changes before republishing.) this blog is going to make me more than just color blind before it's all said and done. hmmm...wonder if it's just my browser...
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