watermelon memories
Monday, August 02, 2004
  let the celebration begin
it's me birthday today. and i've started it off in style. woke up at noon, took a shower and promptly put on a clean set of pj's. ahhh, bliss :)

and it was going SO well...

i should have stayed home but i couldn't let the maternal unit go to the grocery store by herself. besides i needed stuff for my cake that i've yet to bake. i was hoping that a certain ex of mine that works there would be off since it happens to be his birthday today as well. no such luck. i'd made it through the entire store without a sighting until we hit the register. there he was with a sniper like stare locked in on me. ACK!! i felt like someone had propped me up in a display window of a cheap lingerie store sans the lingerie. so much for being happily married i suppose. i feel dirty. time for another shower.
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