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Thursday, August 05, 2004
  from the news desk
i was half finished with this post when it disappeared. so now you get the short version. no witty comments. just the facts as published by aol & people magazine. lucky you.

first up: the hacking's story

Hacking also made a show of heading off for the grueling round of interviews that medical schools generally require and begged off social events, saying he was studying for the medical boards. He disappeared for stretches and said he had visited Columbia University in New York City, as well as schools in Chicago, Wisconsin, Vermont, Washington, D.C., and North Carolina. "I specifically remember Lori saying it was hard to pay for the trips," says a member of the University Eighth Ward, their Mormon congregation. "But she said even though it was a financial sacrifice, it would pay off in the end."

It is still not clear whether Mark ever left town – or what happened to the money he was spending. His family can only guess why Mark would have constructed such an elaborate alternate reality. His mother, Janet, speculates that a head injury he suffered in his early 20s when he fell off a roof may have made it tough for him to perform as he would have liked in his studies. "He told us only recently that since the head injury he has had a hard time concentrating," she says. "He had to read things four or five times and felt overwhelmed."

next up:
a:the peterson trial

Jurors in the Scott Peterson double-murder trial on Thursday morning were dismissed until Tuesday so that both sides can examine newly discovered evidence that defense attorney Mark Geragos claims could be "exculpatory" – reason enough to acquit his client.

b: sob story

A normally stone-faced Scott Peterson wiped away a tear in court on Wednesday, when a hunting and golfing buddy testified about a conversation the two men had about buying their new sons camouflage hunting outfits when they got older.

On the stand, Gregory Reed, whose wife was also pregnant, began thumbing through a catalog and looking at clothes for young hunters, Peterson's eyes apparently began to well up, prompting him to reach for his handkerchief.

His gesture was so brief that some people in the courtroom missed the move.

next: likely story

Nick Carter is speaking out about ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton's mysterious bruises, which she openly displayed for photographers at Los Angeles International Airport on July 29 – one week after her breakup with the Backstreet Boy – PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

Although the Simple Life star, 23, and her family have been mum about exactly what happened, Carter, 24, has been put on the defensive, vigorously denying the notion that he is responsible for her injuries.

"I'll tell you one thing: I didn't touch her," the singer told PEOPLE on Monday. "I'm not that kind of guy. I would never do that."

So far, Hilton has declined to press any charges related to her injuries. "I'm doing okay," she said. "I'm just so happy to be single right now."

Drama certainly always seemed to follow the paparazzi-basking Hilton and Carter, whose rocky seven-month relationship ended on July 22, with Carter telling PEOPLE that their romance "totally was based on distrust."

moving right along: peterson III

Scott Peterson's TV-watching habits changed abruptly after his wife Laci disappeared, and then changed again when police raided his house, according to witness testimony in the double-murder trial on Tuesday.

A satellite TV employee testified that 15 days after Laci went missing, Scott began ordering programming that his pregnant wife was said not to have approved of: explicit adult material, starting with the Playboy Channel and graduating to more hardcore attractions.

When Peterson became aware that a team of investigators were being sent to his home on Feb. 18, however, he abruptly cancelled the X-rated satellite channel right in front of the eyes of one of the cops in the house, a member of the Sacramento Valley crime task force testified.

and finally: the pasted on smile finale

Bill Clinton kept up his strenuous book-signing routine Tuesday, topping it off by autographing a copy of his hefty My Life for David Letterman's infant son Harry while appearing on Late Show.

In his inscription, which he read aloud on the air, the former president wished Harry (whose mother is Dave's girlfriend Regina Lasko) a happy 9-month birthday and added: "With luck, you will finish this by your 21st birthday. Meanwhile, carry it around and build more muscles than your dad has."
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