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Friday, August 13, 2004
  blankets are good for sleeping
what is the world coming to? after loitering in the bathroom for many years, our educational system has officially landed in the toilet. i grew up in rural arkansas and was constantly amazed at the dumbing down of the curriculum to avoid failing certain students. sure, it makes sense to lower the already basic standards instead of spending the extra time/money to help the few that couldn't/wouldn't make the grade, if you're pinky & the brain.

i'm also old enough to remember when prayer was removed from school. the concept behind this i understand. however, in a society where the majority of students are christian, what's the big deal? ok. so you have a student or two that aren't, they aren't required to pray. it was never mandatory. file your nails, finish your homework, think about ways to convert the infidels...whatever. god forbid anyone should be different and proud of that fact. instead, we remove any activity that implies that someone might have missed the conformity memo.

the struggle for equality and politically correctness has robbed us of one of our most precious gifts...diverseness. yes, we have turned into a cookie cutter nation. it's fine to be different as long as you're just like everyone else.... just ask california, the bleach blonde, implant mecca of the world. the state in which hundreds of thousands of young men and women flock to make millions on their individuality only to be told they aren't enough like so and so or what's his name and cast out onto the street. rejected. odd enough considering the latest proposal for their school systems.

A California school district is considering adopting a new policy that could cause students to be expelled for "rejecting" each other, for sharing "unpleasant stories" about each other – even if true – or for associating with like-minded peers in groups if others feel "left out."

what ever happened to darwin and his survival of the fittest theory?
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