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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
  as my ears bleed
in the nesting phase of my pregnancy, i purchased one of those soothing sound machines. thinking if my son was anything like me, he'd be out like a light 3 seconds into the ocean cycle. how wrong was i? in his earlier days, he couldn't have cared less if it was the ocean, the summer night, or metallica. he slept when he was good and ready not a moment sooner.

he's older now and more sensitive to noise. guess the 101 days in the nicu finally wore off. since my family has little consciousness of a sleeping child, i dug the soothing machine out of it's packed for travel home. i tried the ocean setting first, hopeful. when it was clear that wasn't working, i tried the wind. still nothing. it went on like this until i had exhausted all but one option...womb sounds. 3 seconds later punkin was out like the aforementioned light. just my luck.

now, i'm lying in bed at 3am listening to PURR-rump...PURR-rump...PURR-rump...PURR-rump and reliving the day miss meeks made me watch the birth of her child via vhs. it was 3 hours of her next to lifeless in a hospital bed, her useless ex-husband wandering around half-baked as usual, and the most annoying sound i've yet to experience...the fetal heart moniter. AKA sounds of the womb.

i suffered through it then, that nerve grating sound, out of respect for miss meeks but not without making my suffering well known. i suffer through it now for my punkin but he will be reminded of this many times in his life. PURR-rump...PURR-rump...PURR-rump. poor punkin.
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