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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
  antisocial lovefest
it's official. i'm in love and with a girl no less. pick your chins up off the floor...i'm not switching teams or even straddling the fence. i've found a new blogger and at the moment she's my hero. in one post she's said all the things i've thought and yet never quite had the words to write down and i love her for it.

i shall post the words that sealed the deal and stole my heart. however, i fully expect everyone to go check her out for yourself. make yourself at home. poke around. it's a great site.

I would have to say that I am incredibly easy to get along with as long as:

1. You do not get offended when my life gets in the way of my emails to you.

2. You have a good sense of humour.

3. You don't mind being treated like a human, not the god or goddess you might think you are.

4. You don't insist I change to suit your needs.

5. You form your own opinion based on what you know of me, not what you've been told by the people I've pissed off.

6. You are not emotionally high-maintenence.

7. You understand that I do not say what I don't mean, so if I say I love your website, I'm not kidding...if I say I think you're an ass...ditto.

8. You understand that what my mom always said was true...I have an Irish memory, I only remember the grudges.

9. Don't lie to me or pretend to be what you are not.

10. Love or like me in spite of myself...my humanity/character/sense of self is fragile and fallible.

11 Never expect me to apologise for the person that I am...you may expect me to apologise if I am behaving like an ass. Just give me a day or two to get a grip on myself.

12. Apologise to me when you know you were wrong/dumb/stupid or drunk when you said/accused/yelled bad things at me.

13. Don't even think about giving me your valuable advice or opinions on the content of this web site. I will express myself the way I choose...bottom line...it's my site

and as an added bonus she's a law & order fan too. so sad she's not a single man.
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