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Monday, August 09, 2004
  10 year reunion
i skipped my highschool reunion. mainly because i didn't care for the people i graduated with ten years ago and i'd rather go on believing the fantasy i have that they've all grown up as much as i have. sadly i've seen a few of them since i've been in arkansas and i know it's not the case.

on a brighter note, my best gal pal from those days has resurfaced. we lost touch several years ago when the guys we were invovled with couldn't get along. such is the way when you're 19. however, after spending the better part of 2 hours on the phone with her just now , seems like we might be on the road to recovery. we've made plans to meet tomorrow in her new hometown. it's a far better place to grab dinner then the hellish place i'm in now. a few margaritas and stories from the past and present should make for some good ramblings when i make it back here on wednesday.

until then keep it straight.
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