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Thursday, July 08, 2004
  simple math
i went through a drive thru today. i know these places don't pay that well and i can't remember ever hearing anyone say,"when i grow up i'm going to work at taco bell/mc donalds/burger king...." keeping this in mind i realize their hiring pool isn't exactly the cream of the crop. what gets me though is the lack of work ethic and common sense. if i decide i want extra ketchup with my fries, i shouldn't get a look like i've just requested them to do my laundry and wash my car. if you work at a restaurant, IT'S YOUR FRICKIN JOB!! i don't care if you hate it or if you've just had a bad day. I JUST WANT SOME KETCHUP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! and i don't think i should feel guilty about asking you for it. hell, i shouldn't have to ask for it at all...fries require ketchup. the other thing that makes my blood boil...change. where do these people come from??? they have a frickin machine to tell them how much change i should get based on the amount of money i gave them. you'd think i'd learned not to screw them up by giving them an odd amount of change so that i won't end up driving a car full of pennies around. yet, i still do it, and more often then not, i get the dear in the head light look. you know the look that means that no matter what is said or how many times they count it, the change that comes back will not be right. so, yes, i am driving around a car full of pennies.

I'M GOING ON STRIKE.take that fast food corps...i'm through with you and your crappy service. now where did i pack my magic skillet?
We need the unemployment rate to go back into the double digits. Then all those little bastards will be happy to take a fast food job.

i was thinking more of sending them to a sweat shop in china....
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