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Saturday, July 17, 2004
  the local
in my travels i've been known to consume a beverage or 10.  i've found that being a single girl on the road it helps if you make yourself known to the bartender.  since i'm a habitual creature by nature, i don't find this a hard task to accomplish.  as my repeated appearance and my standard order renders me unforgettable (unforgettable that is as long as i keep visiting regularly or manage to stay in a place longer than 3 months) after a few weeks.  i feel obliged to share a few of these locals (being as i was a local at one point or time) in the hopes that someone out there might find them as comforting/entertaining as i did/do.
once again these are in no specific order.
local #1  huey's downtown.  lovely spot to grab a bite to eat (see menu for the masses post) and enjoy a few cold ones.  they don't serve guinness to my knowledge but they serve a nice bottle of red stripe.  don't go looking for margaritas or anything else that requires a blender...as far as i know the kitchen doesn't even have a blender.  no milkshakes either.  if you're going to complain about the music...i didn't send you...you stumbled in on your own.  can't be associated with trouble makers since i still pop in from time to time.  if you're lucky enough for one of the dave's to be behind the bar...well, i expect you to take full advantage of the opportunity to see a real bartender at work.  if it happens to be dave hooper...you'll know him by his slightly uncombed hair...ask him to throw rock n' roll mcdonald's into the cd changer.
local #2  well i can't give you this one...i was sworn to secrecy and since i plan on visiting soon...i'm not spilling the beans so that i can face the wrath of dan, heather, and bunny...no sir.  not i.  however if you end up in quincy, MA and stumble upon it yourself, you'll be glad you did.  the lilt of irish accents abound.  albeit most are owned by LHMF's.  what is a LHMF you may ask...once again i was sworn to secrecy...just know it's not a thing you'd like to be called yourself.  more than likely the music renderings of tara hill will fill the joint with at the least background noise.  admittedly they're not the best in the world but  they grow on you.  be sure to have at least 2 forms of picture ID...Siobhan's a stickler.
local #3  Sarsfield's not a far crawl from the previous local but leagues different in atmosphere.  the words irish meat market come to mind.  however pints of guinness are $2 and drinks are usually generous and not so pricey as one would expect being in the hotbed known as Q-town.   there's usually a live band.  one of my favorite acts no longer plays there but you if you're in town you can catch him here.  on the nights there is no band or the band quits early DJ Kevin will be on the stage spinning a variety of music. 
there will be more posts like this...drink responsibly.


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